Lemons and Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening

Does lemon and baking soda can be used to brighten your teeth?

Does Lemon and Baking soda can be used to brighten your teeth?

The benefits of baking soda are large. The pH of our mouths plays a big role in determining what populations of bacteria flourish in our mouths. It is generally recognized that the lower (more acidic) the pH in the mouth, the greater the risk of tooth decay. Using baking soda can help in supporting a more alkaline oral pH. Plenty of research shows that baking soda really can help in lowering the populations of bad bugs in the mouth. Baking soda is an effective support tool to reduce bad pathogens.

Lemon and baking soda are two natural and low-cost items to help get basic teeth whitening. These two items are excellent cleaning solutions for their deodorizing and stain removing properties. This same chemical reaction is useful for removing stains from enamel. To apply to teeth, mix a small amount of baking soda with lemon juice and brush it on the teeth. Allow the solution to sit for a minute before brushing and rinsing it off of the teeth.

Lemon juice is highly acidic and the same stain removing powers also damage enamel. Only perform this whitening treatment once a week to prevent the acidity of the lemon juice from damaging the enamel.

Conclusion about using lemon and baking soda

Using lemon and baking soda as a paste scrub is an excellent cleaning solution.

Whiten teeth

Foods Can Help Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Maintaining healthy white teeth begins at a young age.

The enamel of the teeth is subject to stains and erosion over time from the foods we eat and beverages we drink, on top of other things.  Let us not forget about taking care of your teeth to help prevent plaque which is a clear film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth. After you eat, bacteria go crazy over the sugar on your teeth, like ants at a picnic. The bacteria break it down into acids that eat away tooth enamel, causing holes called cavities. Plaque also causes gingivitis which is gum disease that can make your gums red, swollen, and sore.

Your gums are those soft pink tissues in your mouth that hold your teeth in place. After all, adults spend a lot of money on commercial teeth whitening products to restore the healthy, white aesthetic on their teeth. There are a number of teeth whitening solutions that do not require regularly purchasing or expensive oral hygiene products to whiten teeth, these are effective ways in which they can preserve enamel and maintain a healthy smile naturally.

Using lemon and baking soda as a paste scrub is an excellent cleaning solution. Remember to consume hard fruits and vegetables and limit sugary and acidic foods to help whiten your teeth.

White Teeth

Bleach your teeth on your own can be very dangerous!

A person’s smile is one of their most remarkable and look at feature. To make their smile more attractive, many people go through different dental cosmetic procedures. This often involves dental braces, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and many more. Teeth whitening is the most accessible process due to the existence of over-the-counter whitening kits at your local stores.

The prices tend to beat the prices provided by your dentist. The accommodation is bearable and the procedure is simple. Many people do not know is the convenience of these whitening kits only adds to the already increasing case of teeth-whitening obsession. This obsession is called bleachorexia. Teeth bleaching solutions usually contain peroxide, which in large amounts can irritate the gum until it recedes. In result, the teeth will become more brittle and unhealthier. The chemical also eats away at the tooth enamel, revealing the natural yellow undertone of the teeth. Instead of whitening, over-bleaching may result in darker-looking teeth.

People who want healthier, whiter teeth have different options for the procedure:

  •      In-Office Whitening Treatment, which is carried out by dentists and usually has faster results;
  •      Take-Home Whitening Kits, which dentists prescribe to patients either as support for in-office treatment or as the option itself;

The commercially manufactured, over-the-counter whitening kits usually do not have the approval of professional dental associations, so it is better to leave the process to the professionals.

Why Should you check yout teeth ever 6 months

Why should you get a teeth cleaning every six months?

Have you ever wondered why the American Dental Association and your dentist recommend you come back every six months? It is because regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. And in between those examinations, it is important that you work to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Start by visiting your dentist regularly. Cavities are one of the biggest problems most of the time, they are preventable. While six months is the “standard” time between dental visits, if you could be at higher risk for cavities, you might need to visit us more often. During your check-up appointment, your dentist or dental hygienist will likely evaluate the health of your gums, perform a head and neck examination and examine your mouth for any indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies.

Next, your dentist assesses the state of your teeth and gums by:

  • Examining the gums
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Looking for signs of gum disease
  • Checking for loose teeth
  • Looking at the tissues inside of your mouth
  • Examining your tongue
  • Checking your bite
  • Looking for visual evidence of tooth decay
  • Checking for broken teeth
  • Checking for damaged fillings
  • Looking for changes in the gums covering teeth
  • Evaluating any dental appliance you may have
  • Checking the contact between your teeth
  • Taking X-rays
  • Do not be surprised if your dentist also examines your face, bite, saliva and movement of your lower jaw joints. Your dentist or dental hygienist will then clean your teeth.
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